Health & Safety

In Case of Emergency

Should anyone require assistance, make contact with the club and/or emergency services, and give the following information:

· Details of the incident or illness

· The exact location of the casualty

It is recommended that groups of players arrange for at least one person to carry a mobile phone in their golf bag (switched off) in order to make a telephone call in an emergency.

Balls Out of Bounds Onto Road

It is the responsibility of Members and Visitors to report such incidents to the Professional as soon as possible. Club insurance covers such incidents, but only if properly reported.


When playing on the course in bad weather, in the event of a thunder storm with lightning, common sense dictates that play in these circumstances must be discontinued in the interest of safety. If there is an evident risk of lightning, play must be discontinued.

Fog And Ice

Even if the course status is Open, in the event of fog and ice common sense must be used. Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions. They also have a duty to take care not to injure themselves. If conditions are foggy, or you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land, or ground conditions are such that it is impossible to judge how far the ball is likely to travel, do not play.

Playing in such conditions is dangerous - Players would do so at their own risk

Walkers on the Course

Members and Visitors are asked to exercise care with regard to Walkers crossing the Course on Public Footpaths that are clearly signed.

Emergencies in the Clubhouse

It is the responsibility of Members and Visitors to comply with the Emergency and Fire Procedures as detailed on notices displayed throughout the Clubhouse and Club premises. In the case of evacuation of the Clubhouse, please go to the Assembly Point in the car park.


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